Products Lineup

Product Lineup

Amino Collagen

Amino Collagen
Net Wt.: 196g (28 days’ consumption)

Amino Collagen Premium

Amino Collagen Premium
Net Wt.: 196g (28 days’ consumption)



Our patented production method increases ease of preparation and creates a more enjoyable consumption of Amino Collagen.

With our unique masking technology, odours usually associated with collagen products are effectively removed. Boiling or adding Amino Collagen to hot beverages has no adverse effect on the active ingredients.

3-step Preparation Method

3-step Preparation Method


Scoop one levelled measuring spoon of Amino Collagen powder

Add into your choice of food or drink

Stir well and enjoy


What are the benefits
of Amino Collagen?

Beauty starts from within

Increase skin hydration

Lock-in and retain moisture

Improve skin elasticity



Frequently Asked Questions

About Amino Collagen +

What is collagen?Collagen is a key protein found in skin, hair, nails, bones and cartilage. Often referred to as one of the base components of the human body, collagen accounts for around 30% of all proteins in the body.

When should I start taking collagen supplements?It is recommended to start in your 20s, when collagen levels in the body start to decline dramatically. External factors like UV radiation, stress and lack of sleep can also exacerbate the rate of collagen loss.

What is the source of the collagen in Amino Collagen?The collagen in Amino Collagen is 100% made from low-molecular fish collagen (as the raw ingredient for the collagen).

Why does Amino Collagen use fish-derived collagen?Collagen derived from fish is absorbed about 50% more effectively than other collagen-derivatives. Being of low-molecular weight, it is also readily dissolved in liquids regardless of temperature.

Does Amino Collagen contain any allergens?Amino Collagen contains fish and soybeans as base ingredients. The product may also contain traces of milk, egg and gluten from the manufacturing process.

Using Amino Collagen +

What is the optimal intake of Amino Collagen?The recommended daily dose is one levelled spoonful of Amino Collagen (about 7g). As collagen remains in the body at least four times as long as other proteins, the effect of this intake is equivalent to that from 20g of protein.

Can I increase my daily intake of Amino Collagen to reap more benefits?While collagen has health benefits, consuming too much is likely to be converted to subcutaneous fat. Around 20g of protein each day provides maximum benefit for activating collagen production.

How should I take powdered Amino Collagen?Powdered Amino Collagen dissolves instantly into most hot and cold liquids, including coffee, fresh milk, soup and yoghurt.

Is it okay to heat or chill food and drinks containing Amino Collagen?Yes, Amino Collagen is unaffected by temporary heating and cooling processes. You may add Amino Collagen to boiling, hot or cold beverages and food.

When should I consume Amino Collagen?There is no specific time to take Amino Collagen. Simply enjoy it at any time of day, whenever it suits you.

Can I consume Amino Collagen when I’m pregnant or breastfeeding?Please consult your doctor before taking Amino Collagen.

Counterfeit Product Advice +

How can you differentiate between counterfeit and authentic Amino Collagen products?

The following are some of the differences highlighted by the company and does not represent all of them.

1. Different designs on the top of the backside of the product. There is a dark coloured line on the top of the backside of the packaging of the authentic product. However, the counterfeit product does not have this design and printing on its packaging.

2. Differences in the sealing style and width of the product packaging. The top of the backside of the packaging of the authentic product spots a more wide and fine embossed sealing. In contrast, the embossed sealing of the counterfeit product is narrower and the embossed detail is relatively rough.

If our company finds another case of manufacturing or selling of any imitation of our products in the future, we shall not hesitate to take legal actions against the manufacturer and implement countermeasures against the counterfeit products. We also hope to bring this matter to the attention of consumers with regard to the authenticity of products upon purchase.

In addition, our company shall not provide the following services: for e.g., the examination and determination of counterfeit products, product quality assurance or an exchange for the authentic product. Our company shall not be responsible for any accident or damage caused by the purchase of counterfeit products. We seek your understanding in this regard.

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